Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

15 Jul 12

Got loree to put ends on the cat5 downstairs, and I mostly got things run across the ceiling to where I wanted them. Needed to go buy some HDMI splitters to get things connected how I wanted, so I ended up at Vetco (where I ran into airlinepilot as I was checking out), and I bought a 1x4 splitter and a 4x2 matrix switch. Got home and realized my visualization of the setup was wrong, and I didn't need the matrix switch for the immediate term. But, I can still use it as a splitter, which is what I /did/ need immediately. The upside is that I can now feed the DirecTV into the dining room TV, and thus continue watching things while also cooking. Also got the new network connection to the entertainment center (which also hosts Algol and the wifi bridge) up, with no problems.

Things are definitely coming together in the living room. The phone cable can wait until whenever (or when loree brings home my punchdown tool) as can the directv cables (since they're currently behind the couch and not in the way.

I'll need to start focusing more on finishing the study now.

In unrelated news, Zot's over 5500 miles since I bought it now. 289 days, 5583.6 miles, that's 19.3 miles per day on average. In that time, I've used 36.0 gallons of gas, for an average of 155.1mpg. NOT mpg-equivalent, since it's not counting the electricity used. But that's still pretty good.
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