Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

14 Jul 12

Went to Eats for breakfast, then Bed Bath and Bullshit (as I apparently called it this morning) to get a "wizardy" curtain rod for the Study. Came home to drop things off, then back out to Costco. Came home and hung the curtain rod.

loree went off to do Norwescon stuff, while I stayed home and experimented with audio solutions for the Study. I remembered that I had a set of Dayton Audio 'Sound Exciters'. I'd bought them back in 2009, intending to use them in the dining room, but ended up going a different out. I figured I'd try them in the study and see how they sounded. Turns out, pretty good depending where I put them. On the wall, they're kinda quite and don't have very good bass. On the bookshelves, they're kinda directional, with the shelves focusing the sound forward. On the outside windows, they're acceptable, but a bit tinny. On the side of the black leather chair they sound /AWESOME/, with /great/ bass response, but I'm not sure I want to turn the brand new chair into a speaker by gluing electronics to the side (I'm also not sure I /don't/ want to). I'll play with it some more before I commit. I may end up using some regular speakers instead, and find another use for the exciters.

After loree got home, I made her put RJ45 plugs on the three lines of cat5 coming up the conduit.. I decided to be nice and make her do the ones in the basement tomorrow. At which point, I can get rid of the network cable running across the living room floor, and MAY be able to get the kitchen TV connected. Yay for no more running into the dining room and shouting "Go back, I want to see that!" while cooking.

I may also make another attempt to find my exterior-wall-depth drill bit, so I can run the new coax for the directv connection. And I need to find my cable-stapler, to tidy up everything in the basement. Oh, and get the new phone cable connected too, but that won't be too bad.. I installed a punch down block last time I rewired the phones, so it's just a matter of stripping the cable and finding my punch down tool (which loree says she may've left at work).

In short, the Big Living Room Rearrangement Extravaganza may finally be about to come to a close. Which still leaves the dvd ripping and study decorating.
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