Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

13 Jul 12

Didn't get much done with work.
Met up with a friend at Gargoyles, since I needed to drop in and pick up my box. Ended up buying another box and another hourglass too. Well, five-minute-glass, really. Then we had lunch at Ruzhen, which was even more disappointing than last time.

Spent the evening getting the cables run thru the conduit. Appear to have misjudged the length of paracord needed, as the bottom end ended up being dragged up with the cables. So, I'll have to fish a new one down later, if I ever want to pull more cables up. BUT, the cables I need now are all done. I drilled a pair of holes in the dining room floor to run the audio cables up, and the stereo's zone2 is now set up again. I need to have loree put ends on the cat5 so I can get the network and hdmi set up. And I need to drill holes thru the side of the house to run the new directv connections through.
Tags: daily
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