Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

7 Jul 12

Went out to seatac around noon, partly to swing by Westercon and pick up a flash drive full of Sooper Sekrit Norwescon Data, then have lunch at Dave's. Stopped by Walmart to pick up insulin for the dog - it's a LOT cheaper there than at Walgreens. Hit Target on the way home.

Finished off all but the last couple discs in the 9th box of DVDs. The disk is just about full. Ordered a new 3TB disc to store the remainder. Looks like we'll end up with about 17 boxes when we're done, because things aren't fitting quite as well with the smaller-cased high-def stuff filtered out.

We took five boxes of DVDs to storage, and hit Saigon Boat Cafe on Alki. Turns out I find Pho adequately edible if I've got my penzey's soup base to adulterate it.

Now I'm reading over the docs for Bootstrap to figure out if I want to use it for something I'm going to put together for loree.
Tags: daily
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