Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

24 Jun 12

Yesterday evening and this morning were spent hauling everything out of the sunroom. The living room, library, and dining room are now a horrifying mess.

Taryn showed up around 1, and helped with some of that. Then ogremarco, maybe 2ish? And sirriamnis and her sister showed up to take away the couch. Then, Paint All The Things! Well, ok, just the walls. And ceiling. Got the first coat on, then ordered Pizza and sat around playing with the monkey for a couple hours. Also booze. Then the second coat, more sitting around, and then Taryn and Ogre left around 7. Not too bad. It looks much bluer in the photos than it is. If you're familiar with our bathroom, it's similar in shade, but a touch darker.

I'm sore, everywhere. And I have to paint at least one of the windows in the study tomorrow, so that I can make room to move everything back in there so that we can get into the living room, because Ogre's coming back Tuesday to help me run conduit into the basement.

So tired.

Meanwhile, I need to catch up on the last two or three days of email. I see there are people who want things of me…
Tags: daily
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