Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

23 Jun 12

Let loree sleep until almost 2, because she's sick. Doing her regular simple-respiratory-infection-becomes-bronchitis dance.

Then we went to Lowes and bought paint and painting supplies. We found a not-quite-white we really liked for the foyer, and the Olympic-brand color we wanted for the study worked just fine in the Valspar-brand paint we were buying. Then food, 'cause loree hadn't eaten, then Urgent Care to get her some drugs. Then to the cake store, and the pharmacy. Oh, our Walgreens was closed. So, off to the 24-hr one in Burien. 40 minutes. Ok, Panda Express for loree, Wendy's for me, sit around eating and finishing off Blackout, then pick up the drugs and go home.

Now she's laying in bed and I'm swapping DVDs in Vela. I'm up to five drives (two internal drives, one internal hd-dvd combo drive, two external drives), which makes pretty fast work of the process, tho it'd be better if the drives were all of comparable speeds. The HD-DVD drive is about half as fast as the two brand-new asus drives, so while they take ~1000 seconds per disc, the hd-dvd is averaging 1900s. I just added the external drives back in today, but they're running about 1800s. On the other hand, the system only needs interaction when a disc is finished, and only until you've put the next one in and confirmed (or entered) the name.

Meanwhile, transcoding is taking 2780s per disc, average. Three boxes of discs are in storage already, three more are ready to go, and the seventh is in process right now. None of this counts the growing stack of HD-DVD, BluRay, and discs that threw errors when ripping.

Tomorrow, painting of the Study. Which is kinda gonna suck, because of all the crap I have to get out of there between now and then.
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