Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Jun 12

This morning, I went to Home Depot to look at conduit, the post office to mail stuff to my mom that I should've sent a month ago, McLendon's to look at conduit - I think I'll buy there - Fry's to look for a bluray/dvd combo reader (they're only selling bluray writers, at $150 a pop, so fuck that), Metropolitan Market because I was craving soup and decided to make turkey stew, and Walgreens to pick up drugs.

Oh, and a few days ago somebody wrote in the dirt on the back of my car. It was.. not the message one would normally expect. It's kinda hard to take a decent picture of it in all this damned sunlight.

Decided to push the stew to tomorrow, and grill sausages instead, because loree had some that were going to expire soon. Then we remembered that we were going to go to Mor and decide whether to buy a chair, while they were having their 'VIP' (eg, previous customers) 20%-off sale. So we decided that, what with it being bright enough outside to read at 9pm, we had time to run down there and check it out. They had it in a fabric we liked, so we bought it. And another chair we'd been pondering, for the study. They're being delivered next saturday (game day), so I have to get the couch's platform built and everything moved before then. Gods help me. Also, anybody who wants to do some woodwork, you may also help me.

Meanwhile, I still need to go buy the paint for the Study and arrange for some people to come help paint in exchange for food and booze.

So, yeah.
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