Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

16 Jun 12

The weather was nice enough this morning that we ate outside at Luna Park.

Then we went to Dania to look at the awesome chair and see if it was available in other fabrics. It was! It's not as tall as I remembered it being, only 61", but that's still pretty tall for a chair. We found several fabric options we liked, but based on color and texture, we went with this subdued purple. The custom colors take a few /months/ to arrive, but that's okay, because we don't have anywhere to put the chair right now. This gives us plenty of time to finish rearranging things.

We made a quick stop at Ashley, but decided we weren't in love with the color options on their round spinny multi-person chairs, so we'll probably go down to Mor this week and decide if we're going to buy from them (as I recall, we'd found a fabric we liked).

Came home to get ready for a birthday party, then went to same. Took the Big Box of Dominion, which - other than being a pain to transport - worked pretty well. I still need to label all the boxes and such, but. We taught a couple new people to play, and they did quite well. I also designed a game consisting entirely of Victory and Treasure cards. Then there was Cards Against Humanity, and presents, and cake. Then we came home.

Kinda tired now.
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