Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

6 Jun 12

Finished up a big tangle of API I'd been working on for a couple of days and got that all committed. Helped transload some stuff from one car to another.

Then went to the company-sponsored closing party for SMX, which was awesome as usual. Lost my pocket internet, but someone found it and it was returned to me. While applauding someone's karaoke, my ring broke. You know that secret-society-looking ring I picked up at norwescon? The disc with all the symbology on it went flying somewhere. Left me card with the barkeep in case it turns up. No big if it doesn't, I'll survive. Or get someone to carve something new for it. Stayed until the party shut down, then four of us wandered over to the supposed after-party, which was apparently at the Merc. Finally found the place - I haven't been in forever, so couldn't remember where it was - and hung out there for a while.. two left, Cyrus and I hung around until last call. Took Cyrus home, and now here I am.

Kinda tired. Tempted to call in "no, just no." tomorrow - er, today - , but if nothing else my motherboard will be delivered there, so I have to go in.
Tags: daily
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