Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

18 May 12

A little early today..

Work was high stress. Made a bunch of changes to the production database and rolled out new code, all for this facebook crap. In testing on production, I found a bug where anybody who tried to reauth their account would get an error message for at least an hour. And because of the nature of it, they'd probably /keep/ getting it until they /stopped retrying/ for an hour. Took me half an hour to track down the fact that I was caching a request that pulled the per-page auth tokens, and when you reauth suddenly those are all invalidated as well.. At least the fix was trivial: clear one more cached value when setting auth.

loree and I went to Costco, and then tried to go to see Avengers again, this time in IMAX. But, we miscalculated horribly and tried to go to a 730 Friday show at southcenter. Ended up getting bagels and icecream instead. Came home to find the dogs had puked, which loree is cleaning up as I type. After, we're going to watch Captain America. Again, for me, since I just watched it yesterday, but she hasn't yet, and it /is/ helpful for watching Avengers. Also because Hugo Weaving was AWESOME.
Tags: daily
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