Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

17 May 12

Stayed up until about 2am trying to land on the Mün. I managed to get into Munal orbit with an unmanned rocket, and then land it back of Kerbin, but the manned rockets kept exploding.

Woke up to find I couldn't connect to Rigel. Turned out one of my automagic attack-detection systems decided that loree's mom's iPad was failing to connect to the mail server over and over. So, that's fixed.

loree and I went and got our passport applications in finally. The dogs got their summer haircuts.

Came home and tried to figure out more facebook issues.

Then I put Kerbals on the moon. And very nearly returned them safely home.
The worst was the time they ran out of fuel as they started their re-entry braking.
Or maybe the worst was when I thought we were home free, so I separated the last stage… then discovered that the rocket I was using didn't have a parachute.. and they smashed into the ground at ~300m/s. *cough*
Tags: daily
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