Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

4 May 12

Wasted the morning implementing a logging system that someone else implemented five months ago. Used the results of /those/ logs to figure out a bug in my own code. Fixed and deployed it. Gave up on work.

Loaned out my (spare) car.

Went shopping. Got pasta sauce from Borracchini's. They didn't have any cakes that screamed out to me. Then went to Fry's and bought a holster for my camera and a couple HDMI cables. Got dinner, then went to Target to buy boxes to put DVDs into.

Came home, and loree and I got all the DVDs off the shelves. We have 17 boxes full of DVDs. At a guess, I'd say somewhere between 1300 and 1500 discs. Piled all the boxes in the dining room, where I plan to set up a ripping station.

We got two more shelves moved into the sun room. All of the books with no shelf to live on are now on a shelf. We still have books stacked 2 or 3 deep on some shelves, but no more books in boxes or stacked on dressers.

We are now very tired. And dusty.

Anybody want to submit ideas for how to decorate the south end of the sun room? We haven't figured out what to call it yet, but it's going to have bookshelves, some seating, probably end up painted a dark blue or purple, with gauzy black and purple fabric with little gold and silver stars (I've had it forever, bought it for this space)… but I haven't decided what exactly to /do/ with the fabric. Draping it across the ceiling seems repetitive next to the harem pit, but also seems /consistent/ next to the harem pit. So.. I dunno. Ideas welcome, either way.
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