Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

3 May 12

Spent very little time at work working on my projects. Got in, first thing I did was find a problem with a just-deployed change and roll it back. Then I spent most of the day trying to track down various problems coming from the Facebook API. Did some planning. Spilled beef bouillon on myself and came home.

Then had to go get the dogs, because loree was running late.

Pizza for dinner, because I wanted us to spend time clearing the southern sunroom. It's mostly storage these days.. I want to get all the boxes out, sorted through, cataloged, and sent to the basement or storage. As it is, we got a few shuffled around and sorted thru, and cleared enough space to move at least one of the dvd shelves.

See, we're going to rearrange the living room, and that means the entertainment center is going where the Wall Of DVDs currently is. The Wall Of DVDs are going to all be ripped to digital and taken to storage, and the shelves are moving into the sunroom and getting loaded with books.

At this point, one of the narrow white shelves has been moved, and one box of books has been unloaded into it. We need move boxes to store the DVDs in until I can get them ripped. And I want to build a new CPU-heavy box with a bunch of DVD drives attached to rip thru them quickly. That last part will take some time, sadly.
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