Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Apr 12

Well, crap. I opened the editor to post, but apparently never actually did it. Sorry.

Um.. Friday, lessee… wfh, got started on the interface gem to my latest service. Then the electrician came. It's gonna be $Expensive. The garage only has 30A going to it. Current code requires 60, the charger needs 50. So, trenching a new power feed. New panel, because we've got a weird one out there. The phrase 'fire hazard' was used. Gonna wait for the estimate, then see if Chris wants to take a look at it.

More work, then the RedEye showed up. It's a little wifi-connected IR remote. You can connect to it from any iOS/Android device or web browser, and control all the things. It's working well so far.

More work, then went into to the office to pick up the new mac mini server that was delivered. That's going to be the new rigel. It will be the mail server, dns server, and probably do some webserver duties, tho most of those will be on sarin.

Then dinner at Endolyne with loree and walbourn and cuddlyeconomist. Chuck gave me bacon, so I bought. Mmmmm, really good bacon. .. now I'm hungry.

Came home, and we finished cleaning the living room (fsvo 'finished').. We can sit again, anyway. Took measurements of the sofa sections, so we can build a platform for it. I'd like to get that done sooner than later, so we can finish the rearrangement of the room.
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