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Streaming Search Sites

Yesterday, I was driven to a sudden urge to watch the South Park movie. So, I asked the Twitters, "Is there a website that will search netflix/hulu/amazon all at once to tell you if/where you can stream a movie/show?". My CEO retweeted it to his fifty quintillion followers, and the replies piled in. Ok, I only got 16 responses, but that's more than most of my questions get.

Best answer:
schwarzer: @tithonium If you build it... They might sue you.

Not helpful at all:
rschroed: @tithonium @randfish you can do that from TiVo.

Is this spam?
movieheed: @tithonium hope you can found here im follow you #thanks
tanuki_green: @tithonium @vixy It would seem that does this, though, since I just found it, I can't vouch for how well it does this.
thederek: @tithonium @randfish
samirb: @tithonium try clicker.
firesign3000: @spunquee @tithonium @Septimus1812 @coyotetoo does tv shows
citadelgrad: @tithonium
jrpurdon: @tithonium (sorry if this answer is late, just getting around to my overnight tweets).

nathancarnes: @tithonium @randfish
phpJoel: @tithonium @randfish is one that i've heard of
tomdebello: Try - website seems solid, haven't tested the mobile apps @tithonium @randfish
Septimus1812: @spunquee @coyotetoo can do that (and there's an iPhone app). They don't do tv shows yet.

iOS app, not a website:
jamielow: @tithonium (iOS app)

eatros: “@tithonium: Is there a website that will search netflix/hulu/amazon all at once to tell you if you can stream -
HeyBigE: @randfish @tithonium
And a DM mentioning

SO, I went and tried them all.

Yidio: I was looking for search, and theirs sucks. Browse may've been okay, but I was instantly turned off.

GoWatchIt: Decent enough interface for movies, very clear as to who has it and what it costs. Plus you can have them notify you when something becomes available on a new service. No TV shows, but it's a start.

CanIStream.IT: Took me a moment to decipher the iconography, but once I did I think I like the interface. I had to run some tests to make sure I understood it, as well.. the 'streaming' indicators seem to specifically mean "free with existing membership", since a non-prime-free amazon instant video was marked as unavailable streaming but available rental. The interface is a lot noisier and more cluttered than, but it's instantly clear what it's telling you. tiny fonts for the information I'm looking for, lead the eye away. Also, they think the latest episode of The Daily Show is from February. Unimpressed.

SO, to sum up: I think wins on simplicity of interface, once you learn the interface, and wins on instant usability. Personally, I'll probably use the former more, and fall back to the latter when it fails me.
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