Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

14 Apr 12

Stayed up until 4am playing Mass Effect 3. Woke up at 10, let loree sleep until noon (played more ME3).. then off to find food, and look at televisions and toilets.

See, the toilet has always sucked. It tends to clog easily, because it flushes everything straight down instead of spinning. So, while I'm in a state of having money, I decided to finally replace the damned thing. So we tried to go to the Kohler showroom up on Stone Way. Closed on Sat/Sun. Found a place in interbay. Closed. Found one up on 99. Checked the hours this time. Open! We go. We found one we like, about $400. Installation isn't cheap, but isn't expensive, and neither of us is willing to do it ourselves. I'm budgeting $600.

Then we went to Video Only. I knew they were making 70" LCD TVs now. That's what I wanted to look at. I did /not/ know they're making /80"/ LCD TVs now. They had one. It would have fit in the space we have. BARELY. But, the price point was way too high (>$5k).. So, back to the 70s. They had two that were basically identical, but one was 240Hz/3D, and one was 120Hz. $300 difference usually, $200 at the moment. So, what the hell, got the 3D one. After tax, about $460 over planned, but that's okay, 'cause I'm getting a lot more TV than planned too. It's got Netflix and Hulu Plus built in, which will be convenient. It'll be delivered tomorrow.

Came home. Updated my spending spreadsheet. Played some more ME3. Went to see Wrath of the Titans thanks to cuddlyeconomist's PacSci membership.

Now we're home. Had dinner. Now we need to rearrange the living room so there's a place to put the TV tomorrow.
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