Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

8 Apr 12

Got to bed around 3am. Got up around 1030, just in time to dress quickly and get down to the coffee garden for breakfast. Ate, then headed to the art auction. Bought my precious, for more than I'd hoped but less than I expected. Right at my "won't feel bad about this later" limit. Then back to the room to invite people up to game. Eventually ended up with vixyish, gfish, tereshkova2001, tfabris, jadine, walbourn, cuddlyeconomist, Tiger (cuddlyeconomist's mom), and Chase (walbourn Jr). We made it thru the whole box of Cards Against Humanity. It was horrible and fun.

Then dinner. Then Carcassone with Chuck and Tiger. Then a brief visit to the dead dog party. Then watching Discovery Channel, while texting back and forth with walbourn and cuddlyeconomist about it, from our respective hotel rooms.

Now loree is back from dead-dog and I think we'll be going to sleep now. Tomorrow, packing and getting out of here. Then breakfast.
Tags: daily
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