Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

4 Apr 12

Today has been spent moving down to Seatac. Got up, packed, showered, loaded the car… got down here and realized we'd forgotten things. We're in one of the fancy 'parlor' suites, which are quite nice and have bathrooms bigger than our bedroom. And bathtubs as big as our bathroom. It's insane. Very nice.

I helped loree with some data processing.. we need to get these people some better management software. Then I went home to get the things we forgot, as well as my new camera, which had arrived since we left. It's very nice.

Came back, popped into the icecream social for a few minutes, then loree and I went to dinner. Just got back. Time to sit in the room and ache for a while. Hip is still bothering me.

I've parked at the Doubletree three times today. All the spots were adjacent, entirely by chance.
Tags: daily
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