Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

3 Apr 12

Went to work. Got the first major piece of current project (campaign service) working and committed. Discovered an annoying I-call-it-a-bug in Sinatra::Namespace. Specifically, that errors don't bubble up to a global error handler correctly. I'd have to redefine the error handler at each level of namespace where I want it to work. So I stopped using namespaces, after wasting an hour or two trying to make it work.

Left early, because my hip is bothering me. It's been hurting for about a week. Feels like a muscular bruise, but it's hurting more today than yesterday, and getting-worse worries me. Tho it may just be that I drove to work and then sat in my work chair. Who knows. Meanwhile, limping is.

Came home, and met up with loree and staxxy - who will be house-and-dog-sitting for us while we're at con - for lunch at Chelan. Came home, poked more at work stuff. Then we've been watching Sherlock. First the un-aired pilot - I mostly liked the reshoot better, tho there are a few bits better in the pilot - and now season 2. staxxy hasn't seen S2, and loree hasn't see S2E3.

I've spent that time also working on Sarin. Mysql DB migrations. I'm going to drop a bunch of DBs that aren't used anymore, and recreate the users manually rather than migrating the mysql db.

They're now at the grocery store, getting dinner. Then there will be more Sherlock and packing and eventually sleep. Tomorrow, more packing, then moving down to the Doubletree. I may throw a little get together in our room thursday night. Ping me if you're interested - twitter DM or text would be best.
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