Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Oh, look, there's still a moo.

Yes, there's still a MidgardMOO. It was all a cruel April Fools joke. I am a terrible person.

Yes, the MOO is a complete waste of power, network, and processor, because it's hardly used at all anymore, and has been almost completely dead since someones set up another MOO and everybody started playing over there instead. Not to mention the fact that everybody's all into that "web" thing, and those "livejournal" and "facebook" and "twitter" things, instead of MOOs now.

But, it's not like it costs me anything meaningful to keep it running. I think the machine it's sharing with Down /might/ pull 8W? I think that'd be about 70 kW hr per year? I probably spend more than that per week boiling water for ramen. And I've got three more /identical/ machines on my desk upstairs, so it's not costing me hardware. I even have a few public IPs to spare.

So no, it was all a fake.

edit: (for clarity: Rigel is still going away. To be replaced by Sarin and a new Rigel. Thereus, the MOO server, is untouched, except to maybe fix cron and get the clock synced properly again)
Tags: death by idle processor cycles, i'm a bad man, kill all humans, mood poisoning, navel gazing, things that are wrong with my brain
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