Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

30 Mar 12

Spent most of the day tracing the dependencies on a central Model for our main application, trying to see what is still used and what I can ignore when moving it to a service. See, the app is a couple years old at this point, and has seen considerable refactoring in the name of performance. Some things are done in several ways, all of which I have to continue to support at least for a while, and some things are still being done that aren't used anymore (I'm pretty sure, anyway).. things like that. Eventually went crosseyed and started blithering, so I stopped working.

Went drinking. I got there early, waited about 15min for a table, and ordered my food. Shortly after it arrived, a man came over to explain that he was having dinner with his mother, but they couldn't hear each other talk because they were at the front near the live band, and would I be willing to switch with them (I was at the other end of the bar). I was happy to do so. After the switch was finished, I was informed that my dinner was being paid for, which was nice. Then people showed up, so I finished eating, left a tip for the waiter, and went to wait with them. We ended up in the back, five adults and a baby. I only actually ended up having one drink, which I didn't /hate/ but didn't really love either. Had to brow-beat walbourn into letting me cover the entire check.

Now home. Some quick poking at Sarin, then sleep.
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