Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

28 Mar 12

Wasn't feeling great when I woke up, including pain in both hands, which sucked. So, I stayed home. Work was work. Spent most of it trying to track down a bug, which involved changing how one of my services logs some things. Burned most of the day on that, in fact, which kinda sucked. Got the last major piece of rewriting the user cookie gem done.. it can now generate as well as read cookies, in both the existing and planned-future cookie formats. Whee. I suppose I'll have to start working on the next service tomorrow.

Dinner. Body of Proof. Probably sleep, after. Maybe with drugs. Maybe retaping the hand.

Oh.. Did I talk about that yet? A twitter friend's been dealing with trigger finger, as I was, and her PT showed her a pattern for using kinesio tape that helped her and thought it might help me. So, I ordered some (amazon, of course) and have been using it. Mainly on the right hand. It's helped considerably. I've no doubt I'm using it /wrong/, but it does help. I should note I did NOT have any tape on last night. Anyway, it seems to be working. Tho it's kinda expensive. Sticks really well to skin, not very well to itself, so more complicated arrangements are difficult.

ok, blithering now. end of line.
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