Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

27 Mar 12

Work. Figured out how something that couldn't possibly have been working was, in fact, working (rogue worker process). Finished the lazy loading. Started working on some more general cleanup and early cookie versioning changes. Had a quick meeting with my new manager (knew it was coming, was made official today; our lead is now our manager) about a legacy system that's been taking up some of my time (see earlier item re: couldn't-be-working). Went to fetch car. Came home. Work, food, Sarin, video game, Sarin, Angry Birds Space.

Work on Sarin is slowed by indecisiveness about a few things. I'd planned, when expecting to /owe/ money on my taxes, that it would be replacing Rigel entirely on its own - web, mail, shell, everything. But since I can now afford to replace Rigel with a Mac Mini, I'd rather run the mail server and some of my websites on that instead. Which means I should reconfigure sarin from being a mail server to simply forwarding any mail generated locally to rigel (ssmtp or somesuch). Then there's DNS… Based on a trivial amount of experience poking at OSX Server's dns management, I think i'd rather have sarin take the dns stuff, since I have a nice arrangement for managing things there. But I'm wondering if I should play with it more first before making a decision. Also, if I do put it on sarin, I need to think about how I want to reorganize some things to be a bit more.. modern.

Anyway. It's not like there's a huge rush to migrate the box or anything. I can take my time to figure out how I want to arrange it.
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