Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

25 Mar 12

Tried breakfast at Meander's, but it was too busy. Ended up at A Terrible Beauty. Quite good. Decided I'm gonna do a 'join me for drinks' there next friday. Driving home, we decided to look at open houses, as we occasionally do. Found two very nice ones on Beach Drive, one just under 1M, one a bit under 900k on a funny-shaped lot. So, good motivation on that whole win-the-lottery project.

Came home. I checked the mail, and it included my tax return. I was… surprised at the result. That $7500 electric-drive motor-vehicle tax credit was VERY nice. I would have had a refund /anyway/, but now it's much much bigger. Only about half of what I /owed/ last year, but still quite nice. It advances several timetables, and I can probably buy some things I would have otherwise tried not to (like an Adobe upgrade for my mom).

loree took the dogs for baths while I stayed home to work on Sarin. Did a quick skim of LJ first, got distracted reading a web comic until loree called to see about dinner. She picked me up and we went down to Burien.

Got home, and spent some more time working on Sarin while we watched series 2 of Sherlock. I've already seen it, but it's quite rewatchable.

Finally sent measurements off to LastWear for the jacket.
Tags: daily, money
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