Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

24 Mar 12

Alki was too busy for breakfast, so we ended up at Luna Park. Then a quick stop at the post office - en route I discovered that the audiobook station on Sirius was doing Princess of Mars. Then to Costco. Do they not carry Stovetop anymore?

Came home, and installed the new server (Sarin) in the rack (It's just sitting on top on one of the 1Us) and got it plugged in. I believe I more than doubled the raw computational capacity of the server rack in the process.

I'm working on installing things and migrating things over. I think I'm currently planning to retire Rigel entirely, and have Sarin be the new everything-server. Working on duplicating the apache setup over, while finally moving to the 'modern' way of organizing things (/var/www, /etc/apache2, and so forth, instead of everything in /usr/apache).. Have migrated user accounts that own websites, and posted a warning in issue/motd to warn people who want to continue to have an account afterward. After I get apache dealt with, I gotta deal with the mail server… then bind… then make sure all the little bits and tools and such are working… ugh.
Tags: daily
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