Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

22 Mar 12

Let's see… today…. I spent the day at work cargo-culting a hack together to turn an ActiveRecord model into a NON-ActiveRecord model while maintaining its ability to has_many and has_one. This involved creating a mixin that included about half the mixins that ActiveRecord::Base uses, and copying over most of Base's defined functions. The next step will be making a proper religion of it - stripping out all of the things that make sense in an active record context and replacing them with things that make sense in my new context while keeping it all working. All of this is to generate a proof-of-concept, taking our existing web app and replacing it's local-db User model with one served from my new user service. Why? Because I Can. And because the apps that will end up using the user service aren't /quite/ ready for users yet.

I also explained how the whole user service thing is going to work, and how we're going to introduce versioned cookies in order to get away from the old horrible cakePHP cookies into a new world of better, smaller, smarter cookies, to one of our out-of-town devs (He lives on the other side of the mountains, AND just had another kid, so he only comes in every few weeks).

Then I came home, by way of Matt's - two seattle dogs and two polish - then changed cars to go get the dogs. Came home again, fed the dogs. Almost took Nicki's insulin, operating purely on muscle memory. Stopped myself in time.

Sorted out the games cabinet. I need to tear down all the Dominion boxes, but not until I decide whether I'm going to reuse any of the bits. Sorted the latest Arkham expansion into the Arkham chest.

Created a Facebook page for Nerdvana, for no particularly good reason.

Oh, and earlier in the day, I was tweeting back and forth with LastWear, who have new jacket that I want. loree just got home, so I'm going to have her take measurements.
Tags: because i can, daily, insane
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