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So, it's been a while since I last checked my credit reports. This time, Experian and Transunion coughed up reports, but Equifax refused (mail us this form, for security reasons). I went ahead and paid both for the credit score as well, since I'm looking at applying for a car loan. Experian gives me 832, and Transunion says 827. Both grade 'B', and better than 69% and 59% of the populace respectively. (That implies that 10% of the populace scores 828 to 831. Or that it's all bullshit.)

So, to recap:
April 2008 => 698
August 2008 => 836
July 2009 => 721
June 2011 => 830ish

Interestingly, the Transunion and Experian reports agreed on what accounts I have open, which they've never done before, and neither showed closed accounts (they used to). Neither shows the Amex (I'm a secondary user on Loree's account, but I seem to recall it used to be listed). And, since I don't have any credit cards at the moment EXCEPT the Amex, I'm getting dinged on my score for that. Right now it's just the mortgage, the credit line for the bed, and the paid-off-still-open credit line for the appliances.

All this comes up because I decided yesterday that the only thing standing in the way of The Oakland Plan was the money. Flying to California without a car loan in hand and expecting to be able to get one while I'm down there after negotiating for the car is a recipe for sadness, so my plan was to go to BECU and get one from them, fly down there with the money in hand, and drive away. Now that I know the scores, I have a better idea of what my chances are looking like for the loan.
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