Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Status report: I seem to be missing a few weeks. Also, this morning sucked.

Two weeks ago tuesday, I was just starting to settle into my two week vacation, and looking forward to Norwescon. Then I got sick. Then I spent the night in the hospital. Then I slept thru most of a day, woke up, and went to con, where Time Works Different. Then I came home, and - while happily consuming solid foods and walking around without much risk of randomly toppling over - spent the rest of the week largely absent, cognitively, while acutely aware of the fact that I had Things I Need To Do. But the body and brain said no. Then friday I went to join in on a departmental lunch and my first company all-hands. And started coughing. Didn't think much of it; it was just the exertion of speed-walking to the office from where I'd parked, so soon after the whole death-flu thing. Except I spent the weekend tired, achy, full of goo, and trying to cough up major organs. I didn't even try to go into the office on monday (I usually go in on MWTh), and only managed to vaguely poke at work stuff. Dragged myself in yesterday, got in by 9, and then left at 1, feeling like being hit by a truck would be an /improvement/. Was very glad I'd found a closer place to park.

In short, I've missed most of the last three calendar weeks.

I woke up this morning when the power went out and things started beeping, about 5 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Oh, hey, I can kinda breathe. Aweso*coughcoughhack*. Damnit. Call city light. Check breakers. Start shutting servers down. Tweet about it. Start wondering what to do. I was supposed to go into the office. I was supposed to take the dogs to school, so I could go into the office. I can't get into the garage, and thus can't get my car out of the garage, with the power out. Thus I can't take the dogs to school. Thus I can't go to work. Can I work from home? I have my laptop, it's got a long battery life, and most of the things I need to work on can be done offline. And I have my cellphone for those things I need internet for. City light was saying 1pm for restoration, and it was a quarter to 8. I was in the process of composing an email to work, saying I'd be working from home and they should call me for the two meetings I was going to miss, when the power came back. I waited a while to make sure it /stayed/ on.. we've been tricked before, with the power coming back, seemingly for good, and going out again /just/ as I started bringing things up. Got all the servers back on, and discovered that one of my 8port gig-e switches was dead. And it's the one the steamcon reg server is plugged into, as well as my wireless bridge. I poke at it and discover the power light is JUST BARELY flickering. Ok, it's a power problem. Is the switch broken? I go upstairs and grab a new switch, still in box. Only a 5-port. It'll have to do for now. I try, out of insane hope, swapping in the new power supply on the old switch. It works. Great, that'll do. Make sure the server is up, the wireless is up, and go to take the dogs to school. Traffic is inexcusably bad, and I didn't feel like committing the /actual/ murders I would be emotionally required to commit in order to deal with it, so I stopped at Chelan for breakfast, failed to enjoy my french toast, and continued on to work.

But remind me not to park in Century Square anymore, unless I get in before 930.
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