Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I expect you've all heard by now, either thru loree's lj or my twitter.. Tuesday and Wednesday were the anti-fun.

So, over the weekend, loree came down with what we initially /thought/ was food poisoning. She got over the worst of it quickly, and was able to go to work by noon on Monday. But then /I/ started feeling sick. I had breakfast Tuesday morning, and took my shot to compensate for it. Then developed a stomach ache. Wasn't long before I ... un-ate my breakfast. About an hour later, I'm still feeling like crap, I'm weak and shaky and sweating a river.. and I realize that my blood sugar has tanked, because the breakfast that I took that insulin for never made it into the blood steam. I grab some non-diet dr pepper and drink part of that. I call loree and whine and she comes home to take care of me. She comes home, we check my blood sugar, and it's a /little/ high, 200ish, which isn't surprising given I didn't exactly measure out the dr pepper. But, frankly, I'd rather have it running a little high while I'm attending regular services at the porcelain church, instead of too low. I spent the next several hours trying to find a place to lay down that didn't make me want to throw up more, or - more frequently - throwing up more. What we did NOT do - and I'm going to plead "distracted" for this - was keep checking my blood sugar. Despite the fact that I wasn't consuming anything with carbohydrates in it, the blood sugar kept going up - the liver stores sugars, you see, and will release them as needed.. except /it/ decides on 'needed', and, well, it's no brain. By 9pm, I was having difficulty breathing. It's really not clear how much of that was physical and how much a psychosomatic reaction to everything else, but either way, it was freaking me out a bit and thus making itself worse. We called my insurance's nurse line. She said "Test your blood sugar. And call 911. You're going to call 911 now, right? yes? call 911.". There was a bit of an "oh, right." moment, and we tested my blood sugar. 412. Ok, that's.. too high. Thank you, nurse lady, bye bye. Took a shot of fast acting insulin to start bringing that down, and drove to the hospital - I wasn't in bad enough shape yet that I needed an ambulance ride. Went to Swedish ER. They took me back pretty quick. The doc in charge quickly declared ketoacidosis. They put me on an IV drip with saline and insulin, and then had me moved up to the ICU so they could monitor my blood sugar and adjust the insulin rate as needed. Overnighting in the ICU was uneventful, but noisy.. always something beeping somewhere. And, since I'm a side sleeper, but had IVs in one arm and a blood pressure cuff on the other, I couldn't sleep. Might've caught about 30 minutes in 5 minute slots thru the night. The next morning, a new doctor said it hadn't quite developed into acidosis - we'd caught it early enough - and since I'd come back so well with the saline and insulin, they'd probably be discharging me that afternoon. loree and beaq came to visit, and the doctor said he'd discharge me, and I got out of there.
In all, about 18 hours in the hospital.

Went home, had a little bit to eat, and went to bed. Woke up a few times, but from about 330 wednesday until 8am thursday, I think I was awake for less than an hour.

I'm still sore /everywhere/, mostly from the whole-body convulsions of puking so much, but also from the lack of sleep in a bed I couldn't get particularly comfortable in. Tylenol is helping with that. My stomach is still /really/ touchy, probably a combination of muscular soreness and the trailing effects of the flu. I wasn't sure I'd be making it to Norwescon at all, but made it down here anyway. I expect I'll be spending a fair amount of time in the room, and probably won't be party hopping this year. Ah well.
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