Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Followup: After we got home, I actually /played/ Fracture for about an hour.

Story summary: Global warming flooded the midwest, the eastern and western states polarized, with the east taking a tech-oriented stance and the west taking a geneng-oriented stance. Now the east has declared geneng illegal, so the west is seceding. We went to arrest the guy in charge in the west and - shocking - he fought back. So now I'm running around, not quite on my own, trying to recapture the guy or .. something.

So, there are your basic weapons: guns, missile launchers, plasma canons, grenades. Whatever.
There's also the Entrencher. You can make the ground expand upward, or contract downward. Useful for creating cover for yourself if you're being shot at, or for throwing a badguy off his shooting stance (and preferably into a wall). There's a lot of contrived "how do you get thru this area? there's a tunnel, but it's FULL OF DIRT.".

I need to adjust the look sensitivity, 'cause right now the game play is a little twitchy. I'll give it another shot, and see if it gets better. But, right now, yeah, it was definitely well-priced at $10, instead of the $40-50 most of the console games seem to go for these days.
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