Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Anybody want a hand-made solid wood very-nearly-king-size bed frame?

I built it myself (with loree's help) for the soft-side waterbed. Due to a minor error between design and construction, the platform area itself is a couple inches too short for a king mattress. It's worked well enough for the past five years, with the foot of the mattress hanging off the bottom of the bed. It's designed to put the top of the mattress just below hip height. It's got a three-tier headboard (only the first tier was installed when the pictures were taken). The platform is built in four pieces, two pieces for the legs, two pieces for the platform itself, all bolted together, each movable by a single person (or, at least, by me). The headboard bolts onto the platform, and each tier stacks on top and bolts on. Some of it is stained, some isn't.

Pictures from right after it was built:

We've got a new bed arriving tomorrow, and no longer need the platform. Want it? It's yours, come and get it.

If nobody takes it, I'll probably end up tearing it apart, and recycling what material I can into something else. But I'd rather not do that.
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