Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Appliances out

As I mentioned, we've purchased replacements for the dishwasher, fridge, and stove. All of the old ones /work/, tho the stove is pretty crap and the dishwasher is on its way there. The old fridge is going to move to the bar and replace the minifridge and wine chiller in there.

The Gubm'nt will apparently give us $75 each for a fridge and a dishwasher that we 'replace' with our new ones, given the new ones are Energy Star (can you even /get/ non-energystar stuff anymore?). We won't get anything for the stove.

SO, IF you have desire of an all-gas stove and can haul it off, speak up (I'd prefer to get something in exchange for it, of course, but would much rather have it gone). If you have need of a minifridge or a dishwasher, and wish to make an offer of $75 or more (or equivalent goods/services/whatever), speak up. If you want the wine chiller, we can probably be haggled down to a pittance or less.

We would want them taken away - we will not deliver, for we are lazy, and also no longer own an appliance dolly - very very soon after the new ones arrive. Same day would be favorite. I do not yet know when that will be, but should be in the next two weeks.
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