Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Busy busy

Concrete being poured for the hot tub slab.
An ear infection that became a whole-head infection and took me down for a couple days.
Office move that wasn't.
Team change.
Road trip.

Early this week, the concrete was finally poured for the new slab, onto which the hot tub and gazebo will go. I'll be posting pictures of the evolution of the structure later.

As they finished pouring the concrete, I realized I was SICK SICK SICK. I'd had something gumming up my eustachian tubes, making everything VERY LOUD, so I'd been taking lots of decongestants trying to clear them. Well, it worked, and whatever was gumming them up attacked the rest of my head. by that evening I wanted to die. Hurt everywhere, head mostly consisting of mucus, the works. Well, I'm better now.. throat's still a bit scratchy from all the coughing, but ok other than that.

I was supposed to move to my new office in the other building on wednesday. But the movers didn't move me. I've spent yesterday and today hanging out with my team on the 12th floor of pacmed. They're supposed to move me today.
I'm officially on my new team as of this weekend.

We've been preparing for the party this weekend. I couldn't help clean much, since I was sick. But the house is now clean. Two days before the party. Clearly, the fourth sign of the apocalypse.

And sunday, mere hours after the party, we hop in a van and drive 16 hours to mojave.

Then wednesday I start work on my new team.

Tags: amazon, jobs, roadtrip, sick
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