Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

New name, New insurance, Same Pharmacy

I went into Walgreens yesterday and said "Ok, cancel all my scrips, here are new ones. Also, here is my new insurance. Let's please get my name right on my account.". More or less.

They'd been putting everything under my old name, even tho I'd updated them, because my old insurance never updated properly. Fine. New everything. Start from scratch.

Well, the girl who processed it, created a new patient record. A bit too from-scratch. New patient, put everything in, done.

This is a problem. A) All my old scrips are still on my old account, B) with their auto-refills active, C) and my quickpay, D) and my prescription history. And E) that patient record is what's tied to my website account.

Fine, so when I went in today, I said "let's merge those records, shall we?". The manager will take care of that when e's next in. Fine.

Oh, and the insurance okay'd the Lipitor, but didn't pay anything on it. What? They're supposed to cover even brand-name stuff at 50%. WTF? Ok, it's only $165 (switched from 3x10mg to 1x40mg, so it costs about half as much), I'll pay for it and yell at the insurance company.

Oh, and the doctor, when he printed up new scrips, didn't note the Lantus as being pens, so I got vials instead. Which, you know, is probably fine. I don't take the lantus when out and about, and we've got a significant backlog of syringes, so I can do a month on vials, and can switch back to pens in the next refill. Or not. Whatever.

The new scrips did NOT include a scrip for either syringes or pen needles, so I'll need to get one written for those, but other than that this was /every/ current prescription need I have. After what the insurance paid, it was $390. Not quite 4x what I used to pay, which isn't /too/ bad. Until I hit the annual limit on the prescription benefit, at any rate.

I am, in short, very expensive to keep around.
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