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Martin Tithonium

No, I was wrong. I neglected to take prescription benefit maximums into account. Son of a whore, drugs are expensive. Annually, having the LifeWise insurance would save me about $3500 on my drugs, out of over $16k. Awesome. Regence would be better, as it has a $5k/y cap.

edit: And instead of a 4-5x increase in my drug costs, every insurance option I've explored will be a 10x increase, ranging from $11,358 to $14,358 $11,742 to $14,742. The net effect, taking everything else into account, means a $10-11k increase in my annual out-of-pocket medical drug expenses. AWESOME.

Why did I take up contracting, again?

edit edit: Finally got my refil on the metformin, which at $32/mo adjusted the numbers a bit. Also, I realized that I said 'medical' when I meant 'drug'. Drug oop will increase 978% to 1229%, while total annual oop (including premiums, etc) will increase 253% to 290%. LifeWise is still looking the best over-all choice at 1070% drug cost increase but only 253% over-all. Basically, it's going to cost just shy of $8/hr.

edit edit edit: And, after I hit the annual benefit limits, I should be able to use my state scrip benefit card, which should take 20% off the brand-name drugs. That'll help a bit.
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