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And no, I'm sorry, but just 'cause it's passé to compare people to hitler doesn't make all comparisons to hitler wrong. Bullshitting your people so you can conquer another country /is/ pretty damned hitleresque. Bush just did it the easy, lazy way, while Hitler had to work at it for a little while first. Also, as far as I know, Hitler believed his bullshit.

So, is it okay to compare Bush to Hitler? Yes, it is. He's not a lot like him. Too lazy, too much a liar.

Is it okay to compare Obama to Hitler? Yes, it is. He's not a lot like him. Tho he does look pretty good with that funky little moustache. Some of the recent decisions by his administration /might/ be looking a little gestapish. But, you know, he came into a situation, he's got certain tools available to him (many of which were created, or at least made more accessible, by the previous administration), and he's doing what he thinks needs doing based on the information he has available to him. I've only been paying attention to such things for a few presidencies, and there hasn't been one yet that only did things I agreed with. I don't expect there will be, until I get a few nice big rocks in the right orbits.

Is it okay to say Bush is Hitler, or Obama is Hitler, on the basis of the say-so of a talking head on TV? No. If you do, fuck you, die in a fire. You've got a brain, and if you aren't willing to use it, and understand the facts, and enumerate the REASONS YOU HAVE, based on facts, preferably those which have not been REPEATEDLY PROVEN FALSE, then no, you don't get to say that and expect to be taken seriously. You don't deserve an audience.

And if you ARE a talking head on TV, and you're spewing bullshit that's KNOWN AND DOCUMENTED as bullshit? If you are LYING, and KNOW YOU ARE LYING, in a public forum, with the expectation that people will listen to you, and believe you? Then you're the reason I regret the first amendment. You're the reason I'd /favor/ a benevolent dictatorship as an infinitely preferable form of government, where a secret police /could/ come and take you and show you JUST EXACTLY what you're claiming will happen.

And, preferably, broadcast it during your time slot.
On a different channel.
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