Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

In case you ever want to see me driven to screaming apoplexy while driving, here's a short cut:

1) Get a Ford Explorer Exploder.
2) Get in front of me at the drive thru
3) Be afraid to pull out onto the street. Because, really, if someone hits you, YOU WON'T NOTICE ANYWAY. So just go. Don't make me sit until there's a quarter mile of empty space for you to pull into.
4) Weave a bit, particularly swerving into the turn lane to avoid someone who is... sitting in a driveway.
5) Fail to signal a turn at a major intersection. While directly in front of me.
6) Turn, not into the near lane, or the far lane, but both at once, and drive along straddling the dividing line for as long as you are within my view.

I will then spend the next 15 seconds screaming at you, while I go my own way, and then spend the remainder of the drive home composing a blog post about you in my head.
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