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Google was doing this thing where you could search for the name of a profile, and you'd get the profile summary at the bottom. They even had a little promotion for it where you could get a free sample of business cards that were a google search box with your profile name, and the url to your profile. The idea being, just google the name and there's their profile, tada.

I went ahead and ordered some of the cards, using my new name, back when they were doing this, so that I'd have them when I got around to the name change. Now that I finally did, and can use the cards, they aren't. Googling my new name gets my Jyte profile as the first link, livejournal second, one of my ancient journal/blog pages on one of the alternate domains for my site third, etc. My google profile doesn't show up anywhere.

You don't even get a link to the canonical domain for my personal site until the second page. At least all of the first page are /me/, or at least about /me/.

Clearly I really need to get my new personal site finished, and plaster my name all over it.
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