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Lifehacker - Brush Up on Your Fashion Knowledge with This Geek-Friendly Primer [Fashion Hacks] - You likely don't work in an industry where knowing cutting edge fashion is a requisite but that's no excuse for looking clueless or unprofessional. Check out this basic but thorough primer to get up to speed.Photo by Kevin N. Murphy. Interestingly "[...]
Boing Boing - Centenary of First Ever Air to Ground Radio Message: "Come and Get this Goddam Cat" - 2010 marks the centenary of a number of great events, including the first air to ground radio message. Exactly 100 years ago, a gray tabby named Kiddo became the first cat to cross the Atlantic Ocean by dirigible. Kiddo belonged to one of the crew m[...]
Lifehacker - Buff Out Dings in Wooden Furniture with a Walnut [Clever Uses] - Next time you inadvertently ding or bruise a piece of beloved wooden furniture, head to your pantry. According to all-things-home blog Apartment Therapy, all you need to cover up that ding is a single walnut. The folks at Apartment Therapy know a th[...]

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