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Shared Posts from 14 February to 15 February

Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Broke-ass Washington state set to give MSFT $100M annual tax cut and amnesty for $1B in evasion - Jeff sez: Facing a $2.8 billion deficit and pending insolvency, Washington State's House Bill 3176 proposes changes to its B&O Royalty tax that would give Microsoft an estimated $100 million tax cut annually and possible amnesty for more than a [...]
Bad Astronomy - The raw face of the Death Star moon - Of all the moons in the solar system, Mimas is one of the most recognizable. And new pictures from Cassini show us again just why. On Saturday, February 13, the Saturn probe dipped low over Mimas, sliding past the small moon at a distance of just 15[...]
MAKE Magazine - Triceracopter - This work, subtitled "Hope for the Obsolescence of War," was completed in 1977 by the late American sculptor Patricia A. Renick. There's more pictures over on Gizmodo. [via Geekologie] Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Arts[...]

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