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Twitter posts from 20 December to 26 December

From my Twitter stream:
sun 12:15pmOldJob hasn't told me what to do with their laptop. How long do I wait before reimaging it and using it? I'm thinking new years.
sun 12:50pmKids just broke basement window. Police think they caught em. ID soon.
sun 01:26pmThree kids, uncertain ID. One probly going to jail on unrelated charge, one might but is 13, and one goes free.
sun 01:50pmApparently little kid gave up big kid, who may be 18.
sun 01:57pm@sistawendy delinquints 3 also. The garage has been burgled thrice with no arrests.
sun 03:49pmAlgol appears to be extremely screwed. coreservicesd is crashing repeatedly.
sun 09:00pmHuh. So, Algol isn't responding to bios keyboard commands (like %S, C, etc), BUT I did finally get it to boot. Somehow.
mon 09:11am@scottru do I want to ask?
mon 12:24pm@scottru I figured. With me, you should already know how horrible I am by now.
mon 02:08pmWindow company seems to be claiming waranty doesn't cover this. I think they're wrong. Also, it'll be a week before they even come measure.
mon 02:10pmThe waranty, as described to us when we bought the windows, covers basically everything except riots or acts of war.
mon 02:11pmSadly, we've used them to replace every window in the house. We have no business left to take elsewhere.
tue 12:19pmHead cold is getting worse not better. Waiting to hear back from a guy about whether I can take my code home to work on it.
tue 12:21pmThis is why I don't like hourly work.
tue 12:58pm@tedder42 that too. But, I haven't convinced the mortgage company to drop our payment to a dollar a day.
tue 01:00pmHmm. $80/day... Steeper than I realized.
tue 01:09pm@tedder42 I gotta say, it's been hell adjusting to working in an office again.
tue 03:48pm@scottru which do you see yourself as?
tue 06:46pm@troyd so that's why I only have the one? I haven't been begging or cajoling or trading for them? How... normal social networking. ::/
tue 08:29pm5 minutes into My Name is Bruce. Lessons learned: do NOT learn how to hit on women from Bruce Campbell characters. Especially Ash.
tue 10:02pm@maida_mac *pet*
tue 10:15pm@maida_mac Stand on your head.
tue 10:17pmExcedrin, Sudafed, and Thai food brought me from dying-of-headcold to meh-of-headcold. Am slowly drifting back toward death.
tue 10:17pmWill be working from home tomorrow. It'll be just like old times. By which I mean last week.
tue 10:22pm@maida_mac Buy this, it will give your life meaning:
tue 10:28pm@gabrielcain I wasn't talking to YOU.
tue 10:35pm@maida_mac I'm trying to help here. Critical thinking is not beneficial.
tue 10:51pm@maida_mac I find thinking to be anti-happy. but maybe that's just me.
tue 11:18pm@maida_mac yeah, that's my problem too. ::/
wed 09:02amBreakfast today will be allium soup, with a little ramen in it.
wed 01:19pmWhy is the unabridged audio cd of Night Watch /$92/!?!?
wed 01:31pmI wish I could focus for more than 3 seconds at a time.
wed 01:31pmOf the three things that I've had on my plate for this job so far, what I'm working on is conceptually the easiest...
wed 01:32pmBut I can't manage to wrap my head around it, because my head appears to be made of sticky goo.
wed 01:35pm@hollyking Because I'm sick, I think.
wed 01:54pm@Jenk3 ooh.. OG salad sounds good right now.
wed 04:03pmI miss breathing. I miss thinking.
wed 10:29pm@maida_mac aww yeeah.
wed 10:38pm@maida_mac I choose to interpret it pruriently.
wed 10:50pm@maida_mac I'm tempted to say I've seen weirder stuff at the spot. But I'm not sure.
wed 10:51pmOk. Time for sleep. Will be staying home again tomorrow. I wonder if the office will be open Friday.
thu 11:13amBeing a contractor over xmas kinda sucks. Every question I send in email in answered with "Out until January" auto replies. ::/
thu 11:17am@maida_mac No, no, I'm just making sure everybody's on the same page. Clear communication and all that.
thu 12:28pm@tedder42 expect, no. But it would be convenient. I'm not sure how to get into the building with my badge.
fri 10:13am@maida_mac @gfish I barely slept. And now I'm on my way to the office. I admit I'll be a little disapponted if I can get in.
fri 10:23amDamn. I got in.
fri 11:07amIf I'd know there was no diet soda in the office, I wouldn't've come in. Decent view tho. I tried to post a pic, but echofon crashed. ::/
fri 11:10amGuard stopped by. "I thought I was the only one unlucky enough to be working christmas".
fri 11:18amIt's kinda creepy to be downtown on xmas. The lack of people and traffic is... disturbing. Pictures to come.
fri 11:20amView from the corner office:
fri 11:21amCreepy (mostly-)empty westlake:
fri 11:23amDamnit, why does flickr iphone app default to resizing the photos? Why can't I change that default?
fri 12:26pmAt 13 Coins for lunch.
sat 09:02pmAnnoying lesson of the day: If using respond_to for conditional logic in the middle of a function, define format.any {}.
sat 09:03pm(Brought to you by a CSV-related logic variance)
sat 09:24pmTrying to figure out how to generate a csv file in chunks and send them to the user while fetching the next batch.. in rails.
sat 11:55pmIf your desktop app has a dialog to enter a key, and it does not accept %A, %C, or %V, you can go die in a fire.
sat 11:58pmBumpTop: Still a brilliant idea of a desktop UI. Pity my computer isn't built into my desk's top, 'cause using it with a mouse sucks.

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