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Joel on Software - Let's stop talking about "backups" - Is your desktop backed up? Did you backup that server? Are your backups on a different machine? Do you have offsite backups? All good questions, all best practices. But let's stop talking about "backups." Doing a backup is too low a bar. Any exp[...]
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies. - Why Using ShopSavvy Might Not Be So Savvy - Reading this morning's New York Times story, Mobile Phones Become Essential Tools for Holiday Shopping, I was reminded again of the fundamental shortsightedness of so many of our economic decisions, that flaw in human nature that makes us seize on te[...]
Charlie's Diary - Gadget Patrol: 21st century phone - (This isn't a product review, it's a big-picture overview brought to you from the universe of "Halting State".) It shouldn't be news to anyone that smartphones -- as a category -- really took off in the second half of the noughties. Before 2005, few[...]
Boing Boing - America can't make things because managers all learn finance instead of production - In a provocative New Republic article, Noam Scheiber proposes that the collapse of American manufacturing is due to a general shift in management to people who have MBAs, and to a shift in MBA programs to an emphasis on finance instead of production[...]

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