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Twitter posts from 13 December to 19 December

From my Twitter stream:
sun 02:34pmTranslating all my carefully crafted javascript from Prototype to jQuery is gonna result in some ugly code for a while. Sigh.
sun 02:34pm@dianthus Cute.
sun 03:22pmYup, I was right. I don't like jQuery.
sun 06:18pm@aperiodicone Really, I'm just not digging it stylistically. I prefer Prototype way of doing things. *shrug*
sun 07:10pm@aperiodicone The bit that drove the complaint was having to differentiate the element from the jquery wrapper of the element.
mon 08:14amAwake and getting ready for work. 2-3hr at new job, then some old job.
mon 09:41amOverestimated traffic, arrived half hour early. Waiting in elevator lobby.
mon 12:10pmTypical first day problems: no svn access, no info on mail server config, etc. But, got overview of system.
mon 12:50pmIt is cold and damp outside. Lunching at Elysian before 130 preinterview.
mon 12:54pmBlood sugar is unpleasantly low. Awaiting my burger with mild impatience.
mon 11:02pmI should be asleep already. This "real job" stuff is gonna take some getting used to.
tue 11:14am@thinkgeek Won't ship to mars?! I object! That's postage discrimination! ... Good thing I keep an Earth-side mailing address.
wed 12:32amStayed up until 1230 by mistake. This day job thing is taking some adjustment.
wed 01:47pmGotta love a girl who drops "I saw it in wireshark" into a conversation.
wed 01:50pm@libraryraven Homework management software, right?
wed 07:48pmWhite choc macadamia cookies, from scratch, made in a waffle iron.
wed 08:25pm@firesign3000 wookies!
wed 08:26pm@xopherg I think it was lifehacker? Some blog suggested it. Faster than the oven. But, I think, a Belgian iron is probably suboptimal.
thu 12:48pmAt Johnny rockets for lunch. Then interview with SideGig, to see if they want to make it MainGig.
thu 12:49pm@dresdencodak my kinda girl.
thu 01:37pm@dianthus what's confusing? I replaced one job with another, but really want a third, and the second is cool with that.
thu 01:39pm@dianthus once the third decides to hire me or not, I may start using names.
thu 05:14pm@dianthus I only want one. I had one, (let's call it A). I interviewed for another (B), and then found out that the third (C) was possible.
thu 05:15pm@dianthus I got B, and accepted, on the understanding that if I got C, I'd leave B for C and everybody was cool with that.
thu 05:16pm@dianthus I interviewed for C today. We'll see what they say. Meanwhile, yesterday was my last day with A, and I started B on monday.
thu 05:18pmNever ever leave me alone with a jar of macadamia nuts. It's even more dangerous than almonds.
fri 12:30pmWalked ALL THE WAY to Westlake for Chalie's Subs, and they're closed. ::( McD's as backup. A three block roundtrip wasted!
fri 03:10pmMy first day working a full day in an officesince January 14. I have a a headache from all the lights, and still 3hr to go.
fri 03:12pm@libraryraven as I understand it, the dns was hacked, not Twitter. Lifehacker is smoking crack.
fri 06:52pm@tereshkova2001 hrmph.
fri 08:11pm@s00j the best kind of ham is free prison ham?
fri 09:15pm@tereshkova2001 damnit! Did they find samples I didn't switch?
sat 01:23pmFighting with CSS for a form that needs to render both inside an iframe and not. I hate iframes.
sat 03:46pmI also hate doctypes. Just render shit the same way all the gods damned time, you fuckers.
sat 07:25pm@hollyking what size?

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