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Twitter posts from 06 December to 11 December

From my Twitter stream:
sun 12:24am@s00j yes. they will.
sun 03:33am@dianthus ayup.
mon 01:50pmLots of nice scrollbar libraries for jquery.. not finding any for prototype. Clearly my google-fu is weak today.
mon 01:51pmI suppose it helps if I search with 'prototype', not 'javascript'.
mon 08:47pmMy latest git alias: 'shove', which combined push and deploy and (for now) a db reset.
mon 09:20pmI might need some of these:
mon 10:08pmTrying to do vector work in photoshop makes the baby buddha cry. I miss coreldraw.
tue 10:18amIt's too cold in my office. Gonna hafta move back to the living room.
tue 03:15pmWhen the other guy says "No guns." and takes his weapon off you... shoot him in the face. Duh.
tue 06:26pmIs it worth 3hr to interview for a 3mo contract that pays slightly better than MainGig but has a definite end date?
wed 12:38pmSeeing as AmEx sees fit to keep lowering our limit as we pay down the balance, I'm thinking we should start paying just the minimum.
wed 12:39pmSing paying it down doesn't help our balance/limit ratio, or available credit, I think we can find a better use of our money.
wed 12:45pm@Jenk3 we've got a Blue, with lots of house stuff on it. ::/
wed 12:51pm@firesign3000 only credit card costco takes.
wed 01:17pmIf I attempt to be on time, I'm massively earlyy. But, if I gave myself less time because I know I won't be late, I'd be late.
thu 11:16amI just gave a (soft) no to the first job offer I've received since May.
thu 11:42am... and got back a soft "we'll wait a little bit". Unexpected, it is.
thu 01:44pm@tedder42 eh, see LJ for details.
thu 02:01pmI just discovered that I've been putting saffron in my ramen.
thu 02:07pmHow long do you wait for someone to reply to an email before you email again to check to make sure it didn't get eaten by their spam filter?
thu 02:12pm@gabrielcain Yeah, it does. Unfortunately, the context and the larger context conflict strongly on how fast I need a reply.
thu 02:15pmTo be clear: I have no intention of /stopping/ putting saffron in my ramen. I was just amused to discover it's included in the curry powder.
thu 02:18pm@gfish degree or it didn't happen
thu 02:58pmHoly shit. the unheard of just happened. Excuse me for a bit.
thu 03:07pmSo, I just got an offer from second-option I almost certainly can not refuse, with a no-harm-no-foul clause if first-option pans out.
thu 03:11pmWaiting to hear back from middleman who is talking to his HR to get answers on prescription coverage before giving the full ZOMGYES.
thu 03:35pmHoly crap, I have a new job. now to ruin my old coworkers' day.
thu 03:51pm@nastrus not THAT old.
thu 03:58pm@tedder42 but you'll need to log in to read the protected entries. It's the last four.
thu 06:49pmEven before the job thing, I'd decided to buy myself a new stereo for Decembermas. Anybody interested in the old one? Pre-HDMI Onkyo 5.1ch
thu 06:50pmSorry, I meant 'Thanksgetting'.
thu 06:51pm@dianthus it would be very good for that.
thu 06:53pmI'll get model number later. One note: the remote needs cleaning, possibly replacement. Somebody spilled something on it.
thu 11:00pm
thu 11:03pm@xopherg You... flew to vegas, took all your money out of an ATM, spent it on slots, and won?
fri 11:45amJust burned half the hair off the back of my left hand. It felt so warm and nice.
fri 11:46am(was briefly warming hand over stovetop before moving pan over it, got too close, didn't notice until the smell. oops)
fri 02:44pm@tirzahr Yay!
fri 09:25pmThings that annoy me to find after I select a graphing library: "todo: fix horizontal bars support"
fri 09:40pmBack to looking for a good graphing library. I'll give it 30 minutes before I write my own.
fri 09:43pmThings I've learned about my popcorn popper: 1) It's a massive pita to take apart and clean 2) it'd survive submersion just fine. ::/
fri 10:23pmI'm gonna end up using jqplot, aren't I? Means translating the existing JS over to jquery from prototype. *sigh*
fri 10:23pmI'm gonna get shit from @scottru over this, I just know it.

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