Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, even before this /job/ thing, I had decided to replace the stereo. It predates wide adoption of HDMI, so I'm currently using a separate HDMI switcher and can't route the audio from any HDMI sources thru the stereo.

I've currently got an Onkyo TX-NR901. I'm currently thinking of replacing it with an Onkyo TX-SR607. It's got several HDMI inputs and one output, enough component and composite inputs, 7.2 channels (one extra subwoofer output over the 7.1 of the NR901). SRP is $600ish, Amazon's got it for a bit over $400. Fry's has it for a bit under $500.

It does NOT have the internet radio builtin, but since I never use it anyway, no big. And it does have their 'Universal port', to which I could attach an ipod dock (meh) or an hd radio receiver (maybe, tho why not build it in?).

Anybody have a superior suggestion in the same general price range? I'm looking to keep it under $500, need at /least/ two hdmi inputs (more is better), at least one component, at least one composite, and at least one spare audio input whether it's got video or no. I'd /love/ something that can take dvi plus an audio connection and combine those out to the hdmi port, but given such things cost about $70 on their own, I don't expect to find one built into a receiver.

Then, once I get the new one, I'd be willing to part with the old one cheap. IIRC, it cost me $700ish new, but it's obviously not worth that much now. The remote needs some cleaning, possibly replacing, but the unit itself is still in excellent condition. I'd probably be looking for $150ish for it, give or take.
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