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Twitter posts from 30 November to 05 December

From my Twitter stream:
mon 05:00pm@thinkgeek what font is used for the category headers? I love that at-like ampersand.
tue 07:54pmSquee! Just discovered that git shell aliases set PWD to the project root. so my 'git restart' alias is now 'touch ./tmp/restart.txt'!
tue 07:55pmMissing Ignite. 'Cause I'm working on SideGig. Reinventing interesting wheels, but still.
tue 11:48pm@arjache Meh! Andromeda's a pit. Now, the Lesser Magellanic Cloud...
wed 12:54pmWind and storms, no problem. Bright clear day, and the power flickers.
wed 08:00pmDesigning around the UI, to get things that work without being insane. Also, catching up on SG:U.
thu 12:40amDeclaring Twitter bankruptcy for the day.
thu 12:41amGoing to bed rather than post about my problem with whuffiebank's implementation, which I thought up while shutting down for the night.
thu 12:13pmo/~ .. who because I do not love them always wanna be with me o/~
thu 02:02pmLunch: Turkey meatballs in a soy sauce reduction.
thu 02:05pmI know that you never loved me / I know that you never cared at all
thu 02:05pmNo my love we cant be friends / In fact I liked you much better when you just pretend
thu 02:05pmListening to music and playing with emoji (or trying to).. bad combination, or the WORST combination?
thu 02:10pmIf any of you are wondering, no, you can't have the recipe. You would die of a sodium overdose before it was done cooking.
thu 02:12pm@tommusic Don't worry. I'm sure we can find you some more, if you miss it.
thu 02:13pmTwitter: Find me a better job before the end of the year and I'll buy you something nice.
thu 02:15pmI'm pretty sure this is my favorite emoji: 
thu 02:16pmWho doesn't love a big purple dot?
thu 02:16pm(Avoidant twitterer is avoidant, spammy.)
thu 02:21pmWho do I know with children who are young enough to draw simplistic crayon pictures for the fridge door but old enough to follow directions?
thu 02:22pmI'm worried that a 16yo (for example) could not accurately simulate a child's drawing style.
thu 02:48pm@dreamingcrow This is the source of my concern. My two primary sources are really no longer useful...
thu 02:57pm@dreamingcrow Except don't they expect money in exchange for that sort of thing now?
thu 03:22pm@vixy That's the most horrible thing I've ever seen! James Lipton without a beard?!?!
thu 03:37pm34 Wave invites up for grabs if anybody wants them. Last time I'm gonna post about it.
thu 08:45pmThings I learn from watching Bones: I need to spend more time waiting in line for movies.
fri 01:56pmJust made my first non-subsidized COBRA payment. Only $433 and change. ::P
fri 01:57pm@drakemonger That would be awesome.
fri 06:31pmFeeling crappy. Should be working SideGig. Instead, under blankets in bed pondering trying to convince L to go get me food.
fri 07:50pm@pinguerin "ideas".
fri 09:17pm*sigh*
fri 09:39pmI should be writing code. Instead I'm writing code that writes code which other code uses to write yet more code. And they called me mad.
sat 11:37amI can haz stickers. Web store will tale another week or two.
sat 12:15pm@vixy what're you offering?
sat 01:24pm@dreamingcrow That's tonight? Crap. I thought it was next weekend. Well, we were planning to. Let's see what happens.
sat 02:16pm@Jenk3 at the rate people are asking for them, they'll be gone before I get the store up. But no, there are some left.
sat 02:18pm@dreamingcrow I shall bring a small supply with me, and figure out the price. Probably $2-3.
sat 02:24pmOk.. Given I'm giving a 25% commision on the gross profit, and probablyhave to charge sales tax, what's a reasonable markup?
sat 02:25pmThe options I'm considering boil down to $.2, $.7, or $1.2 in profit margin per unit.
sat 02:44pmHmm.. Looking more like $3.25 pretax.. Anybody know WA/Seattle sales tax rules?
sat 02:47pmSpecifically, is there a minimum dollar amount (business, not unit) before you have to collect/pay sales tax?
sat 03:04pmLooks like no, from mobile browsing of WA revenue's site.
sat 03:17pm@dreamingcrow and others, as of last year, iirc. Was just hoping there was a minimum revenue requirement.
sat 05:43pm@dianthus I dunno. Have you given me money yet?
sat 05:53pmOk. Going back thru Twitter, I see four people who get one for free, and four other people who've indicated an interest. ...
sat 05:54pmSo, that leaves 15 left to sell.
sat 05:56pmFor which I'm writing an ecommerce website. Yes, ladies and gentlethings, there /is/ something wrong with me.
sat 05:56pm(ok, strictly speaking I also have a suggestion for another product to sell, and there's the original product idea. So, three items)
sat 05:57pmBut for all this, I need to call my lawyer and set up a DBA and get firm answers on tax implications. Oy.
sat 05:58pm(That will be the point at which I discover shopify or ebay or amazon is the better options)
sat 06:24pm@dianthus you're on the list. you can either wait for the store to be open, or until nye.
sat 07:30pmYou don't collect sales tax if the /sale/ takes place in Indian Country. I wonder how they would interpret the location of sale for the web.
sat 07:31pm...and if there are any colo farms in same.
sat 07:51pm@HollyQueen gravity
sat 10:41pmQuoth Maria "I am NOT drunk dialing the numbers on my drywall!"

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