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Lifehacker - Wolfram Alpha Teaches You Math, One Step at a Time [Learning] - Wolfram Alpha may be a data geek's dream, but if you're not all that interested in its more obscure uses, here's one thing we could all use a little help with: step-by-step math calculations. Just enter in the equation you want solved (say, for examp[...] - Web app celebs - I started a bit of stupid fun on Twitter: #webappcelebs. Some of my favorites so far: Pablo Picasa Favrd Flav Eddie Van Hahlo Houston daniel craigslist Paul Reubens on Rails Keira Writely Google Lou Reader Gwyneth Paypaltrow Sid Del.[...]
Hack a Day - Eureqa discovers equations - While "Software to discover equations and mathematical relationships in data" isn't at the top of our christmas wish list, we have to admit that Eureqa is pretty cool. Developed at Cornell University, Eureqa uses machine learning algorithms [...]

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