Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Responding to this job posting, I felt the minirant about programming paradigms deserved posting publicly. As well as later expansion.

> - A short description of who you are / your background / etc

I'm a programmer. I've been writing code for most of my life, ever since I got bored with my TRS-80 CoCo and taught myself BASIC, circa age 7. I've been creating web pages since before we had TABLEs, back when we capitalized all our tags and "layout" meant deciding how wide to let your content get before putting in a <br>.

After spending 3.5 years getting my CS degree by reading in the back of class and teaching myself everything while doing the homework (woulda been 3, but I had style conflicts with a Calc3 instructor), I moved to Seattle, where I've spent the intervening time doing primarily front-end web development, with a fair amount of full-stack work either unofficially or for my own amusement. I was a senior web developer at for just short of 6 years, then an internal tools developer at Popcap Games. In the latter I learned Ruby and Rails and fell in love with it. All my personal projects since then have been Rails based, and my current job is a contract gig working on a rails-based electronic medical records system.

> - A few thoughts on software development and what you're interested in

My primary skills and passion are for front-end development, but I tend to know everything from the front to the back. At Amazon I was the guy the SDEs came to to ask about the front end, and who the WDEs came to to ask about the back end.

About software development in general, I tend to aim for a "what works" strategy. I get irritated with people who hold to a particular paradigm with religious fervor, when simple deviations can provide better results. There is no One True Path of software development, and anybody who tells you otherwise is either selling a book or already paid too much for one.

> - Your current top 10 music artists

My taste is charitably describable as 'eclectic'. Looking at the now-playing version of my "Current Favorites" playlist, let's see:
Alex Parks, The Animals, Chester Frensh, Delerium, Sinatra, Metric, Muse, Paramore, Peter Gabriel, Shiny Toy Guns...
More general and abiding favorites: Jonathan Coulton, Wolfsheim, Corvus Corax, Evanescence, Jason Webley, DMB, Massive Attack, Mike Doughty, Poe, Voltaire...
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