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Shared Posts from 30 November to 01 December

Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Hand-cranked penny-dispenser allows anyone to work for minimum wage - Blake Fall-Conroy's "Minimum Wage Machine" is a penny-dispensing Rube Goldberg machine that "allows anybody to work for minimum wage." Custom electronics, change sorter, wood, plexiglas, motor, misc. hardware, pennies (approx. 15 x 19 x 72 inches) [...]
Boing Boing - Washington State to Microsoft: why aren't you paying your taxes? - Jeff sez, Last week, Microsoft told Seattle's KUOW: 'We pay all our tax obligations everywhere we are, properly.' Today, Microsoft Tax Dodge, a new website focused on the company's royalty tax dodge, challenged CEO Steve Ballmer today to live up to [...]
Boing Boing - Disused call-box turned into world's smallest lending library - Steve sez, "A traditional red phone box has been recycled into one of the UK's smallest lending libraries - stocking 100 books, CDs, and DVDs. The phone booth was bought from British Telecom for £1, and it looks like something right out of a Do[...]

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