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Twitter posts from 22 November to 28 November

From my Twitter stream:
sun 03:16pmWait, WHAT? The DX doesn't have an SD slot? WTF kind of crap is that, Amazon?
sun 06:10pmI kept typing 'git deploy' instead of 'cap deploy' so much that eventually I just made a git alias for it.
sun 08:44pmTrying to decide if I want a chumby one.
sun 08:48pm@tedder42 Capistrano, deployment system. Oh, regarding your 'ci' problem, you can create aliases.
sun 10:01pm@tedder42 the neat thing is being able to create aliases that execute shell commands.
mon 08:52am@s00j years of training.
mon 09:54amI was thinking I'd use some of the money from SideGig to buy a Kindle DX. I'm less sure about that now. Is there a good alternative yet?
mon 11:37amThinking it might be time to upgrade to a paid (micro) github account. Ponder ponder ponder.
mon 03:09pm@arjache the shorter, rounder one? She comes across as... unprepared for Our People.
mon 04:33pm@arjache Oh, she's nice enough, and quite adequately competent. Just.. you know.. I'd worry about inviting her to a party, you know?
mon 04:35pmI suppose I may as well ask, before upgrading: anybody have any coupon codes for github?
mon 09:01pmMeh. Feel kinda dumb. Just let a pretty good deal on VESA wall mounts go by, because I wibbled on whether I should get one or four.
mon 11:38pm@Elocinnuala I don't remember giving any advice about it, but.. you're welcome? ::)
wed 01:28pm@tereshkova2001 I'll see what I can throw together this evening.
wed 01:33pmBack that up. has better prices. How many do we need?
wed 01:37pmHow's this:
wed 01:40pm@libraryraven I'm too brain dead today to come up with an appropriately lascivious response, so just take one as read for me, k?
wed 01:46pm*waits for design approval and an estimate of how many to order in the first round*
wed 01:49pm$4.95 for one, $.58 each for a thousand...
wed 01:53pmI ponder finding a good scale-pattern background image...
wed 01:57pm@Loba You'll rarely find anybody willing to build a building with anything more than the OSHA minimums.
wed 02:18pmI don't think I want to order more than 50 unless there's definitive demand and other people contributing capital.
wed 02:19pmAt 100, they're <$.9 each.. what's postage, these days?
wed 02:20pm@vixy I don't think I can do smallcaps here. Lemme poke.
wed 02:21pmNope. Can't find a way to change font or font options.
wed 02:22pmCould try another template...
wed 02:22pmNope. None of the fonts offer smallcaps.
wed 02:30pmI could downcase "In". Grammar is for suckers, right?
wed 03:52pmStill waiting on a qty. I don't wanna order a big pile if there isn't enough demand, and I sure don't wanna be responsible for selling any.
wed 03:52pmTho, I suppose, get 'em cheap enough.. $2 each would be enough to cover costs. Maybe it's time to bring up
wed 04:56pm@dianthus Yes, but can you stop in the middle and forget why you're doing it?
wed 06:05pmAlright, I'm tired of waiting. I'm ordering 25.
wed 06:12pmThey're closed tomorrow and friday, so won't make them until Monday, and I went with free shipping, so they should be here in two weeks.
wed 06:38pm@tonyawinter bumper stickers:
wed 10:22pm@tereshkova2001 those responsible will get one free.
wed 10:32pm@beaq tsk
wed 10:33pm@tereshkova2001 I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.
wed 10:56pm@hsifyppah that'll be $50. (demand skyrocketed, you all saw it!)
wed 11:15pm@hsifyppah deal! (considering I was thinking of selling them at $2 each, and you were on the free list...)
wed 11:22pm@hsifyppah worth more than the USD, I expect.
wed 11:25pmLooks like my cost will be $2.30 each, delivered. So, probably selling for $2.5-3..
wed 11:28pm@hsifyppah nah. I take it as credit and have you spend it for me, and bring me stuff next time you're down.
thu 12:48amAre you all quiet because it's 1 in the morning, or is it 1 in the morning because you're all quiet?
sat 09:36am@dianthus probably the former. Not a lot to say. Food was good. Work is getting done, slowly.

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